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Everyone wants to their bit to help the environment - and even better if you can save money
on your power bills at the same time! It's good to know that reducing our use of energy and water at
home will help to leave the planet in a better state for our kids and future generations.

When you shop at 100% Applicances, there are plenty of ways we can help you Be Power Wise. For
instance, we're a partner of the EECA Energy Star programme - so we can always help you choose
the most energy-efficient appliances.

Here are some great power-saving (and money-saving!) ideas:
Check out our energy ratings
All the different manufacturers promote their energy-saving features – so how can you compare what’s what?
It’s easy, with these two independent energy ratings:

Look for the yellow-and-red Energy Rating labels on major appliances. This helps you compare energy consumption
among similar models – and the more stars it has, the more energy efficient it is.

The blue ENERGY STAR® mark is awarded to the top 25% most energy-efficient appliances in each category.
You’ll find it on a range of products – from dishwashers to freezers, heat pumps to TVs.

All whiteware appliances have the red and yellow energy ratings labels, which tell you how much energy an appliance uses each year, and let you compare energy use between similar models.

But only the products with top energy performance qualify for the blue ENERGY STAR mark.

The blue ENERGY STAR® mark makes it easy for you to tell which products are the most energy efficient, because it’s only awarded to the top 25% most energy efficient appliances in each category.

Since ENERGY STAR products use less electricity to do the same job, you’ll not only save money on your power bill, but also do your bit to protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

You’ll find the mark on an increasing number of products including heat pumps, fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, TVs, stereos, DVD players and computers.

ENERGY STAR is run in New Zealand by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and is proudly supported by 100% Appliance Stores throughout New Zealand.

So if you see the blue ENERGY STAR label on a product in a 100% Appliance Store you can be confident that you are choosing one of the most efficient appliances available.

Apply for a home insulation and heating subsidy
Most 100% Appliances stores can help you benefit from the Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart programme.
Under this scheme, you can apply for an ENERGYWISETM grant of up to $1300 to get insulation installed in your home. You could also save $500 on the purchase of an energy-efficient heat pump.

Use our handy Heating Calculator
When choosing a heating appliance, you want something that provides just the right amount of heat for the job – not too little, not too much.

When it comes to heat-pumps, we recommend a home visit by one of our experienced team members to ensure the size and location is suitable. But for portable heating appliances, a good place to start is to use our handy heating calculator on this page.

It’s an easy way to figure out how much wattage is needed to effectively heat your room. Bring along the results to your 100% store, and we’ll help you find the perfect heating appliance!

Energy saving tips
Why pay more on your power bills than you have to? Have a look at our simple tips to help you choose Power Wise appliances!

  • Save energy cooking. If your kitchen gets particularly hot when you’re baking, then your oven is wasting energy and money. The latest ovens include triple or quadruple glazed doors which keep the heat where it’s needed - inside the oven.
  • Save energy washing dishes. Dishwashers that carry the ENERGY STAR mark offer the same performance as standard models, just without wasting energy, water or your money.
  • Save fridge energy. Refrigeration accounts for around 15% of your total household power bill. An ENERGY STAR qualified fridge or freezer is up to 30% more efficient than a non-qualified model, and is significantly more efficient than older models.
  • Save energy heating your home. Heat pumps are the most efficient way of using electricity to heat your home. But if the purchase and installation of a heat pump isn’t for you, we have a wide range of other heating options in-store to keep you warm in winter. These include fan and convector heaters, gas heaters, electric blankets and electric throws.
  • Save energy washing clothes. ENERGY STAR qualified washing machines use less power to do the same job, and they also reduce the amount of water needed for the wash cycle – up to 30 litres per wash less. So you’ll also save lots of water by choosing ENERGY STAR. Over a year, you can expect to reduce the water used for washing clothes by more than 11,000 litres.*
    * figures based on comparatively-sized machines, using warm wash cycles and 1 wash per day, 365 days a year
  • Save energy using your clothes dryer. Cleaning the filter on your clothes dryer after every cycle reduces drying times, saves energy, and avoids overheating that could damage clothes. There are also heat-pump clothes dryers available now that carry an energy rating of up to 6 stars.
  • Save energy watching TV. Did you know that some TVs use as much power a as a fridge? For the same great performance and features – without the high energy use – choose an ENERGY STAR television. You’ll find the ENERGY STAR mark on a range of LED/LCD, LCD and Plasmas; in screens ranging from 22-inch to 55-inch.
  • Save energy on your DVD player. Did you know it costs more to keep your DVD player in standby mode than it does to play two DVDs a week for a year?
  • Save computing energy. Look for a computer that carries the ENERGY STAR mark. To qualify, computers must use an energy-efficient power supply, operate efficiently in multiple modes of operation (Off, Sleep and Idle), and include power management features.