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energy star partner

1OO% Appliances is an Energy Star partner.

Only New Zealand's most energy efficient products and appliances qualify for the blue ENERGY STAR mark. 

View the most energy efficient products below:

Dishwashers: SMU40M05AU, SMS50E32AU, DD60SCTW7, DD60SCTX7, DD60DCW7, DD60DCX7, DD60SCX7

Washing Machines: WAP24261AU, WAE22464AU, EWF12832, EWW12832, EWW14912, EWF14742, WL80T65CW2, WL70T60CW2, WH8560P1, WH8560J1, WH7560P1, WD14022D6, WF1104XAC

Fridge/Freezers: DN151120, GNEV032W, GNEV322X, DN143120, HCF105WH, SRS583NLS, SRL450ELS, SRL448DLS, SR254MW, SRF924DLS, SRL349MW, SRF890SWLS, MREX562WNA

energy star certification

ENERGY STAR products are so efficient they could save you enough money to buy either 20 packs of washing powder, 50 litres of milk, 10 bottles of dishwasher powder or rent 20 movies, every year! Choose a category to see which products and appliances qualify for the blue ENERGY STAR mark, and for more information about the benefits of choosing energy efficient products visit www.energywise.govt.nz/energy-star.

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