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Sleep easy with SleepMaker, a range of NZ made beds and bases exclusive to 100%.

We offer a great selection of SleepMaker beds and bases made right here in New Zealand and available through a number of the 100% stores. All bed sizes offer pocket spring technology and Ultra-Fresh Allergy Control Fabric and comfortable Manchester for a good night’s sleep. A Split Base option is also available in Queen, King, Super King and Californian King. Very popular for kids’ bedrooms and guest bedrooms is the Trundle Bed, featuring a King Single and pop-out Single Trundler.

Our beds are loved by New Zealanders. If you're in need of a new mattress, check out our selection at various 100% stores.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a split base bed?


A split base bed is just as described. The base of the bed (only available from Queen size upwards) is split equally in two. When assembled, the base locks together. The design helps with sleep quality, especially when people are of different weights/sizes as there is less mattress movement. The split base option also makes the bed easier to move or transport.

How to choose the right mattress?


The right mattress is such a key part of getting a good night’s sleep, it makes choosing a bed tricky, particularly when there are two people’s preferences to consider.

Although most of us have preconceived ideas of what we like, it’s good to come with an open mind as it may have been many years since you bought a new bed. Bring your partner with you and try different mattresses, sizes and degrees of firmness. It’s recommended that you spend at least ten minutes lying on a bed in your preferred sleeping position – on your side, front or back to get a true idea of how it feels.

How often should I replace my mattress?


Sleep experts recommend that people should change their mattress every seven to ten years but this is a general guideline and can vary.

The usual things to take note of are the age of the mattress, whether it has obvious wear and tear like saggy spots, you wake up with muscle aches or stiffness and your sleep quality is being impacted. There’s no hard and fast rule and sleep issues are sometimes unrelated to your mattress. Something to consider when buying a new bed, is that a mattress made with quality materials will generally last longer.

Should I turn and air my mattress?


SleepMaker suggests that mattresses when new, get turned once a month to maintain even wear. This needs to happen less frequently with a mattress you’ve had for a year or more – perhaps once every three months.

Turning refers to the rotation of the mattress on the base, not flipping it. If you have a two-sided mattress, it is recommended that you flip it every 6 or 12 months. However all SleepMakers mattresses are one-sided and have mattress comfort layers on the top, so flipping the mattress won’t work.

Airing your mattress is a good idea to help protect against dust and other allergens and improve the life of your mattress. At least once a week when you change the sheets, remove the mattress protector, vacuum the mattress and open windows leaving the mattress to 'breathe' for a few hours.

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