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You’ll find every kitchen appliance you need for your home at 100%.

From Fridges, Freezers, Ovens, Cooktops, Microwaves, Rangehoods or Dishwashers, we’ve got a wide range of kitchen appliances from all the top brands. Whether your style is stainless steel, white, black, freestanding, built-in or integrated appliances, you can enjoy great deals for your home and discover the friendly personal service that comes from buying local in NZ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are freestanding appliances better than built-in?


There are pros and cons for both, it depends on personal choice and budget.

Most modern or minimalist kitchens have built-in appliances as part of the design. They offer space-saving benefits and a sleek, seamless appearance, yet they do tend to be more expensive to both buy and repair. Plus they are permanently installed in the kitchen so can’t be relocated.

Free-standing appliances are better suited to a more traditional or industrial kitchen design. These appliances require more floor space, but are generally more affordable and easy to install. Access for repairs is simple and if you move, you can take your favourite appliances with you.

Is it better to get all my kitchen appliances from the same brand?


There is no easy answer as people are motivated by different things.

A brand promotion with cost-savings may prompt a purchaser to buy only that brand’s appliances. One brand may have a particular type of refrigerator, another offers certain oven and cooktop functions, or there’s a type of dishwasher required, so the discerning buyer may choose to mix and match.

If opting for integrated or built-in appliances, different brand choices don't matter from a design perspective as many of the appliances will be hidden within kitchen cabinetry. With free-standing appliances, the look of different brands is more obvious particularly the stainless steel finishes or handle styles, so check these out before you buy.

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