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Make light of this everyday kitchen chore with one of our leading brand stylish and compact dishwashers. Whether you’re after built-in, free-standing, integrated, double or single dishdrawer options, we have the dishwasher to suit your kitchen and family. Plus our dishwashing selection offers stainless steel, black, white or integrated options to match your style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a freestanding dishwasher as a built-in?


No, a freestanding dishwasher is not designed to be an integrated or built-in dishwasher.

A freestanding dishwasher comes with a fitted, moulded front door in a white, black or stainless steel finish which cannot be replaced by a kitchen cabinet door.

The built-in dishwasher has a full-sized kitchen cabinet door attached to the front of the appliance which completely hides the machine and gives a seamless look to the kitchen. This compact dishwasher doesn’t usually have a top panel as it is not designed to be freestanding, and is manufactured to fit under the kitchen bench.

Is a double drawer dishwasher better than a regular dishwasher?


Although the double-drawer dishwasher provides more flexibility, the choice totally depends on the household set-up and how people like to do the washing up.

A single door standard dishwasher will probably have a bit more space inside, so if there are 4 or more people in the household, frequent entertaining or baking with lots of bowls and dishes, this type of dishwasher may be more useful.

A couple or small family is better suited to the double drawer dishwasher as they might only fill and use one of the dishwasher drawers daily. There is no rush to unload as another drawer is still available to stack. In a small kitchen where space is limited, this type of dishwasher provides options as you can choose to install a single drawer dishwasher only.

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