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Frequently Asked Questions

Are chest freezers better than fridge freezers?


The chest freezer is ideal for those who like to freeze in bulk. With a large capacity, it offers more storage space, is often more energy efficient and has excellent temperature control that keeps food cold for longer if there’s a power outage. But it does take up more floor space (which is why most end up in the garage) and finding certain items may require digging to the bottom.

A fridge-freezer is a more obvious choice for smaller households, and if you don't freeze in bulk and don't have the budget and space for two appliances. The drawback is its energy consumption is higher compared to a chest freezer. Although the freezer does not offer the same energy efficiency as a chest freezer and offers less storage, the adjustable shelves and baskets provide easy access and extra freezer space, with defrosting and cleaning being simpler too.

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