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Whether you’re an everyday or gourmet cook, 100% has ovens to suit every kitchen. Choose from a range of free-standing dual fuel cookers with gas/induction hobs and electric ovens or purely electric. We also have built-in ovens - doubles, singles, and combi-steam plus many pyrolitic (self-cleaning oven) options designed to make your life easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a freestanding oven better than a built-in?


A freestanding oven is a more traditional kitchen design choice. Typically offering bigger ovens than built-in versions, a freestanding oven comes complete with a cooktop (gas, induction, ceramic or electric).

There’s the convenience of all the cooking being done in one area and it’s easier to repair, but food and spills can get trapped between the free-standing oven and benchtop and are hard to clean.

Built-in ovens are seen in more minimal, sleek kitchen design. Many opt for double ovens to get more cooking capacity and built-in ovens typically offer more features and functions than freestanding ovens. Built-in ovens are available in wall or under counter options, but they are often more expensive to install and repair and a separate hob will need to be bought.

Should I get a pyrolytic oven?


Pyrolytic or self-cleaning is a feature included with many built-in and free-standing ovens and is a must-have for the modern cook. The process of pyrolysis cleans the oven by using very high heat to turn the grease build-up to ash.

Most pyrolytic ovens automatically lock the door during the cleaning cycle to prevent injury from the high temperatures and once cool, all that remains is to wipe away the ashes from inside the oven. This makes light of one of the most hated cleaning chores with no need for toxic chemicals or heavy scrubbing. However some pre-cleaning will need to be done prior, ensuring the oven’s glass door is clean and large food particles are removed.

Once an expensive feature, pyrolytic ovens have become increasingly commonplace and are now more affordable.

What is the benefit of a steam oven?


Steam ovens are considered by many to be a healthier way of cooking than regular ovens. Food is cooked about 20-30% faster and the steam helps to lock moisture into the food eliminating the need for extra fats and oils to keep the food from drying out.

To get food that’s brown and crispy as well, you would need a combination steam oven also known as a convection steam oven. These ovens cook with steam, but also have fans to circulate the steam around the oven. This way you can get brown and crispy roasts that are still moist on the inside. A convection oven can be used with steam, or as a standalone convection oven.

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