Remove cooking smells efficiently with a rangehood from 100%.

The modern open plan kitchen/living rooms, make good rangehoods essential. 100% offers a great selection of rangehoods to suit any style kitchen. Choose from stainless steel wall chimney, wall canopies or curved glass options, or if you prefer, integrated rangehoods are available too. All rangehoods are available in a variety of sizes to match the width of your cooktop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an integrated rangehood the same as a canopy?


An integrated rangehood is designed to be an integral part of the kitchen units and is hidden away above the cooktop. Although discrete and space-saving, it does not always cover the whole cooktop area and so may not work as well as a canopy rangehood.

With a more powerful fan, bigger chimney and greater width, canopy hoods often have a higher airflow than integrated rangehoods. While they may be more effective at removing steam and cooking smells, they do occupy a lot of space and are often more expensive than an integrated rangehood.

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