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Looking for a fridge, wine chiller, fridge-freezer or chest freezer? We stock a wide range of the latest models including french-door, quad-door, upright with drawers, bottom mount or side-by-side fridge-freezer combos, and options with ice and water dispensers. Whatever your style of refrigeration - white, black, stainless steel or integrated, at 100%, you’ll find the fridge to suit your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a chest freezer better than a fridge-freezer?


The chest freezer is ideal for those who like to freeze in bulk. It offers more storage space, is often more energy efficient and keeps food cold for longer if there’s a power outage. But it does takes up more floor space than a fridge-freezer (which is why most end up in the garage) and finding certain items may require digging to the bottom.

A fridge-freezer is the more obvious choice if you don't freeze in bulk and don't have the budget and space for two appliances. Although the freezer offers less storage than a chest freezer, the shelves and baskets provide easy access, with defrosting and cleaning being simpler too.

What is the difference between a French Door and Side-by-Side fridge?


Side-by-side refrigerators offer a top to bottom fridge and top to bottom freezer right next to each other.

The French Door has more traditional styling and provides one large refrigerator space on top, which is accessed by two doors with one or two freezer drawers below. For frequent entertainers, the French Door refrigerator may be more suitable, with the extra width useful for chilling large platters of food.

A side-by-side fridge generally offers more interior freezer storage than a similarly sized French Door, particularly on the freezer side (up to 25% more space).

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