100% Laundry Appliances


The latest leading brands for laundry appliances are available at 100%.

Whether you’re after a sleek stainless steel washing machine, a pristine white clothes dryer or stylish laundry pairs, we have your laundry appliance needs covered. Choose products from the latest technology, high energy and water efficiency from a wide selection of top loaders or front loader washing machines, and sensor, condensor and heat pump dryers. Plus we range Steam Irons, Handheld Steamers and Ironing Boards to complete your list of laundry appliance essentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get matching washing machine and clothes dryer pairs?


Some people have design aesthetics as a high priority and want a matching pair, especially if the laundry is in a high visibility area. In some instances, the machines need to be stacked and so having a matching pair or washing machine and clothes dryer offers the best option.

For many people, their choice of machineslaundry appliances is based on both need and budget. Some may choose to spend more on a washing machine with a greater capacity and features and get a cheaper dryer. Others who don't have access to outdoor washing lines, may want to spend more on a clothes dryer with advanced technology. Matching pairs are also only available with front-loader washing machines, not top-loaders.

Can I use free-standing washing machines and dryers as integrated?


If you’ve already bought a washing machine or clothes dryer, you can build kitchen/laundry cabinets to house them, but this will mean the cabinets will be bigger and deeper than normal. A truly integrated appliance is generally smaller as it will need to be housed within a run of standard kitchen cupboards. Given the costs of building bespoke cupboards it would be unusual to use free-standing washing machines and dryers in this way.

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