Beat the rainy day blues with a dryer from 100%.

We have a wide range of Dryers to suit every preference and budget. 100% offers washing machine/dryer combos for situations where space is an issue as well as heat pump dryers, condenser dryers and vented dryers. We also have matching front loader washing machine and dryer pairs for the ultimate stylish laundry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between condenser, vented and heat pump dryer?


You have two things to consider when buying a dryer - the cost of purchase and the running cost of using the machine.

Condenser dryers are mid-priced and the most popular type of dryer. They expell hot air into a container as vapour which is condensed into water. The container will need to be emptied regularly unless it’s connected to the plumbing.

Heat pump dryers are generally the most expensive to buy, but are the cheapest to run of all the dryers. They recycle and re-use the hot-air generated rather than venting it outside. Instead like the condenser dryer, the water is extracted from the warm vapour and dumped into a tank which will need to be emptied often unless plumbed in.

A vented dryer is the most affordable to buy but the damp air has to be expelled through a hose that is permanently fitted through an external wall or via a window. On average vented dryers will dry clothes the fastest but they are not very energy efficient, so will cost a lot to run.

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