Washing Machines

Find the washing machine you want at 100%.

If top-loader washing machines are what you are after, we have a wide selection offering a range of washing cycles and varying load capacities. But if you want a front loader washing machine for its under-counter location, or the combo washing machine/dryer option, or just like the laundry features on offer, 100% has the right washing machine for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a top loader and front loader washing machine?


Choosing your washing machine depends on space, budget and your needs. If you have a large family or household, a big top loader may be ideal as some models can take a washload of up to 12kg. Their washing cycles are generally quick, they are simple to use and it’s easier to load items mid-cycle.

You can’t install a top-loader under a benchtop, or stack them under a dryer. They use more water than a front loader, are tougher on clothes and don’t have as many functions.

Front loaders are more expensive but they offer a wider range of washing cycles, are thought to clean better than top loaders and are more energy efficient. They also offer good washload capacity with some models able to take up to 11kg.

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