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If a top loader washing machine is what you are after, we have a wide selection offering a range of wash cycles and varying load capacities, and energy efficiency. But if you want a front -loader washing machine for its under-counter location, the combination washer/dryer option, or just the laundry appliance features we have on offer, 100% has the right clothes washing machine for you.

Ready to find the right washing machine brand that fits your needs? Feel confident to wash your delicates, whites, colour and work clothes from our big range of carefully selected washing machines. Whether you want a big or small washing machine, 100% has got you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a top-load washing machine and a front-load washing machine?


Choosing your top-load washer depends on space, budget and needs. If you have a large family or household, a big top loader washing machine may be ideal as some models can take a wash load of up to 12kg. The washing cycles of these top-load washing machines are generally quick, they are simple to use and it’s easier to load items and more detergent mid-cycle, making laundry day easier than ever.

You can’t install a top-loader washing machine under a benchtop, or stack them under a dryer. Top load washers use more water than a front loaders, are tougher on clothes and don’t have as many functions.

Front-load washing machines are more expensive but they offer a wider range of washing cycles, are thought to clean better than top loaders, and easier on your back to unload and are more energy efficient. Front load washers also offer good wash load capacity with some models able to take up to 11kg. There are also options for much smaller ones in case you need to save space.

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