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Get the men’s shaver that’s right for you from 100%.

We have a great selection of all shaving options at 100% NZ stores. From top of the range wet and dry electric shavers and clippers, we also stock a series of dry shavers, rotary shavers, triple blade and foil shavers. For those men with facial hair wanting to avoid a clean shave, we offer a range of beard trimmers and other accessories and attachments for a sharp and stylish look. We stock all the best grooming brands such as Philips, Braun, Remington, Panasonic and VS Sassoon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an electric shaver and a wet and dry shaver?


When electric razors first appeared on the market, they were designed for dry shaving only. They were quick and convenient and cut out the hassle of a wet shave with the need for water, cost of new disposable blades and shaving foam for hair removal.

But many still liked the clean, smooth feel of a wet shave and so the electric wet and dry electric shaver was developed. This way, a user has the best of both worlds and can opt for wet or dry shaves. But if someone prefers dry shaving only, a standard electric razor would still be their best bet for that remaining bit of stubble.

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