Coffee Machines & Beverage Makers

From coffee machines to juicers, 100% has what you need to make your favourite beverages.

Get your daily caffeine fix with your choice of coffee machine from 100%. We have built-in machines and Barista, Espresso and Nespresso options, as well as accessories such as coffee grinders and latte glasses. If cold drinks are your thing, we stock electric juicers, soda makers and water filters. Whether it's loose leaf or tea bags, we offer a wide range of kettles to suit any kitchen. 100% NZ offers all the leading kitchen appliances and beverages brands, like Delonghi, Russell Hobbs, Breville, Sunbeam and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do coffee pod machines work the same as espresso?


Coffee has become an integral part of our daily routine and many people who have an espresso machine at home, love the process – which starts with selecting their favourite beans, adjusting the grind and finally making the coffee.

Coffee pod machines produce essentially the same beverage as both machines force hot water at high pressure through coffee grounds. However the coffee pod is all about quickness and convenience whereas espresso machines are more about the art of coffee making.

The upfront cost of an espresso machine can also be a lot more depending on the model, but the individual cost of the coffee pods can make a coffee pod machine more costly in the long run because you're limited in the number of cups you can make with one pod. Personal preference is what dictates the purchase and whether convenience outweighs the craft of getting one’s coffee exactly right.

Is it better to get a separate coffee grinder?


Experts will say that a separate quality grinder is better as most espresso machines with built-in grinders do not offer the same number of grind sizes, or intricate grind settings. And why is the grind important? As coffee lovers will tell you – the grind can be the difference between a great coffee and one that is too bitter to drink. It's also handy to have a separate coffee grinder if you have other methods to making coffee, such as french press, percolator or a batch brew, which all call for different grind settings.

However many espresso machines offer built-in grinders and for most people who are not moonlighting as baristas, these two-in-one appliances offer space-saving convenience and all the grind options they will ever need.

How easy is it to clean a juicer?


A clue should be in the fact that most juicer models come with specific cleaning brushes. Some machines also have separate pulp containers, but the simple fact is that after using these machines, they will always need to be thoroughly cleaned and the mesh filters should be scrubbed with brushes to remove every last bit of fibre or pulp.

Whilst laborious, it’s not difficult work, and once you have done it a few times, you’ll develop the best and quickest cleaning method. On the upside, the health (and taste) benefits of freshly juiced fruit and vegetables should outweigh any cleaning hassles.

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