Food Preparation

For everyday cooks and would-be chefs, 100% has food preparation and processing covered.

We stock a range of quality appliances for the keen cook, from state-of-the-art patisserie style mixers, handheld mixers, food processors, blenders and stick blenders. 100% also offers meat grinders, dehydrators and electric carving knives as well as vaccuum sealers and food storage options for all your food preparation needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the difference between a food processor and a blender?


The rule of thumb is that the blender should be used for foods you could drink and the food processor used for food you will mostly eat. These appliances are not really interchangeable for the serious cook.

Blenders are ideal for making cocktails, smoothies, soups, purees and sauces as the motor is often stronger and will create a smoother, silkier result. Some blenders are also strong enough to crush ice.

Food processors have sharper blades and a wider base, so are great for chopping things finely - creating biscuit or bread crumbs, cauliflower rice, and chopping nuts and herbs. This is also a better choice when you want a coarser texture in a dip or a spread. Many food processors come with slicing, shredding and grating attachments so offer many food prep options.

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