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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a USB drive and a Portable drive?


USB drives and Portable Drives are both used to store files but generally in different scenarios.

The USB drive is designed for short-term storage, ideal if you want to move large files from one computer to another and using the internet is not feasible. The very things that make it inexpensive and portable makes it less reliable but these drives are perfect for transferring large files.

A portable drive is more expensive than a USB drive but has more capacity and is more robust and reliable. These offer the ideal way to store important files and images or to back up your computer, which is always a good idea.

What’s the difference between a laser printer and an inkjet printer?


Laser printers are great at printing large amounts of text quickly. Although the upfront cost of replacement toners is high, the laser printer is economical to use.

Inkjet printers on the other hand are much better at printing high quality graphics but they tend to be slower and noisier than a laser printer. The replacement inkjet cartridges are more affordable than the laser printer toners but the inkjet printer tends to use these up faster.

Your choice of printer should depend on the type of printing you are likely to do more of.

What does a multifunction printer do?


Ideal for the home office or small office where space is at a premium, a multifunction printer does so much more than print. Multifunction printers are available with either laser or inkjet printing capabilities, so before you purchase, it would be useful to assess what sort of printing you do more of.

A laser printer is better for fast printing of text and the inkjet produces high quality graphics. Most multifunction printers offer the ability to scan, copy and fax and you should also check whether they have Wi-Fi or bluetooth capability (most do), as this would allow multiple devices to connect without the need for hardwiring. Although most print on A4 size paper, a few models have the capacity to print on A3, which may be more useful for some.

Can I buy an unlocked mobile phone from 100% NZ?


Yes, however some of the lower cost mobile phone models may be locked by the manufacturer as they are bundled with a specific carrier like Vodafone, and this keeps the cost down. The lock is a software code put on the mobile by the manufacturer and means the phone can't be used on any other carrier's network until a different software code is entered to unlock the device. There is an additional cost to unlock a locked mobile phone.

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