Sounds like 100% has all your audio needs sorted.

At 100% we have a great range of audio options across the board for you and your home. We have home theatre systems, mini and microsystems, soundbars and standalone wifi or bluetooth party speakers, clock radios and smart speakers. For personal use while out and about, we stock a range of noise cancelling headphones and wireless earphones as well as portable speakers and radios.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of noise cancelling earphones vs headphones?


Noise cancelling technology used to only be available in the large full over ear headphones. Now many earphones or earbuds also offer this active noise cancellation technology too.

Although there are practical reasons to choose one over the other, such as budget and battery time, headphones will generally offer a greater degree of noise cancellation, especially as regards high frequency sounds.

Ultimately it's a matter of preference with some finding headphones more comfortable to wear and others preferring earphones as they are less visible and can be slipped into a pocket.

What is the difference between a Smart speaker and a Bluetooth speaker?


Many people assume that a Bluetooth speaker is also a Smart speaker but in reality they are quite different. A Bluetooth speaker is paired with a device such as a phone, tablet or computer, and will play whatever sound is coming through that device. They range from small, portable and wireless to much larger table-top versions.

A smart speaker (like Amazon Echo or Google Nest Mini) has a built-in ’computer’ which accesses the internet, so you will need to connect it to your Wi-Fi network. Although you will need a smartphone to set it up via an App, you don’t need a smartphone to make it work. Instead you can tell it to play music or access other internet services merely by using voice commands. You can ask questions, make calls and schedule appointments this way, plus if you have other ‘smart’ devices in your home, you can use the speaker to control lights, temperature, locks and other items.

How does a soundbar work?


A soundbar is a rectangular-shaped speaker specifically designed to complement your TV. Many consumers question why these are necessary and the answer lies in the way modern TVs are designed and where we place them.

As TVs have become thinner and thinner, the space for manufacturers to hide speakers whose sound complements the picture quality has become less and less. We also place our TVs in places where any sound is forced to bounce off the walls behind or TV cabinet. Soundbars are designed to offer an audio experience better than the old home theatre systems that had loads of little speakers and wires going everywhere.

A soundbar offers a sleek simple solution, containing a number of speakers designed to send quality sound out into the room from the same location as the TV.

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