100% stocks a full range of Neo QLED TVs.

Neo is a new version of the QLED TV technology with improvements made around the way the screen is backlit. This option offers a great viewing experience with one of the brightest television screens around and ranging in size from 40-49” to 80-89” screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Neo QLED TV the same as a QLED TV?


A Neo QLED TV is an improved version of the QLED TV, with enhancements to the QLED functionality. The main difference is the backlight, where a Neo QLED uses mini-LEDS as opposed to standard LEDS. This way they can fit in many more lights than what is used in a QLED, and group them more precisely This means the brightness is significantly increased in a Neo QLED, with better picture contrasts and wider viewing angles.

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