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At Fisher & Paykel, our work is based on human connection; that's what drives us as we design for a changing world.

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As we design products, we’re continually looking to grow awareness of the drivers of change – in the kitchen and in ingredient production – because these trends, themes and observations bring new context to our design thinking.

Curiosity: the Foundation of Excellence

Our design heritage is founded on a pioneering spirit and a culture of curiosity. We believe technology should always begin with the people who use it. This has seen us challenge conventional appliance design to create products that deliver to genuine human need.

We are curious about people. How they live, where they live, what they do and how they use things. We are curious not only about the function and performance of our products but also in the emotional role they play in people’s lives.

The Social Kitchen

The idea of the Social Kitchen underpins our design philosophy in developing flexible appliances that can be distributed throughout a kitchen and tailored to individual lifestyle and needs. It is both a concept and a lived experience that connects people with food and design.

The kitchen is no longer just a place where food is made. It is where we meet to talk about our day, where homework is done, where we engage and interact as families and friends.

The Complete Cooking Experience

Perfect results in the kitchen seldom come from one type of heat. Combining the different principles of heat delivery – convection, radiant and conduction – across the Fisher & Paykel suite of kitchen appliances brings flexibility and precision to cooking, helping to get the most out of your ingredients.

Through our human-centered design approach and expertise in creating appliances that intuitively match your needs, Fisher & Paykel cooking appliances deliver exceptional results across every heat type.

Cool Smarter

The key to excellent food care is the ability to maintain a stable and consistently cool temperature – a challenging proposition given the refrigerator is the most opened door in the household.

Decades of product innovation and testing are built into every Fisher & Paykel refrigerator – microprocessors, temperature sensors, independently controlled fans and multiple air vents – to deliver excellent temperature and moisture control.

Perfect Pairs

The modern laundry is no longer just a functional work zone, it is a beautifully designed and considered space featuring appliances that are styled to match and mirror one another.

Every fabric has its own needs for the best care. Fisher & Paykel laundry appliances are purposefully designed to deliver remarkable fabric care, regardless of the garment. Pair washers and dryers for a consistent and considered laundry that is not only visually appealing but perfectly matched in its functionality.

The Considered Kitchen

The way we use the kitchen is shaped by where we cook, clean and cool. A considered kitchen is one that takes the time and hassle out of tasks and frees us up to spend time doing what we enjoy.

The Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer™ is an innovation born of this deep understanding. Fisher & Paykel dishwashers are a showcase of insight-led design. Exceptionally quiet, remarkably efficient and configurable to allow stacking to fit your needs, they are the perfect addition to a social kitchen.

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