Air Fryer

Buying Guide

Air fryers have become the kitchen superheroes for those seeking a healthier alternative to traditional frying. But how do they work? Well, imagine an air fryer as a super-fast, mini convection oven. The air fryer has a powerful fan and a heating element. When you turn it on, the heating element warms up the air, and the fan circulates this hot air rapidly around the food. The magic comes as the hot air cooks the food from all angles, creating a crispy layer on the outside. Air fryers work similarly to frying but without using as much oil. It's like having a tiny, speedy oven that makes your food crispy and delicious!

But with so many options available, choosing the right air fryer can be a bit overwhelming. So we’ve created a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

Things you should consider


Yes, air fryers come in different sizes so you should evaluate the size of your household and cooking needs to choose an air fryer with an appropriate capacity. This prevents you from having to cook multiple batches when preparing meals for larger groups.

Temperature Range

Check the temperature range offered (such as whether it can air fry at a higher or lower temperature) to ensure it covers a variety of cooking styles. This allows versatility in cooking, from crisping to baking and roasting fresh vegetables to chicken wings (and even making great cheese toasties).


Look for air fryers with easy-to-use cook settings and controls, preferably digital interfaces. These simplify cooking processes and provide precision in temperature and time adjustments.

Additional Cooking Functions

Some air fryers come with additional multiple cooking functions like grilling, roasting, or baking.

Online Support

Certain brands offer downloadable apps around clever and efficient use of your air fryer to create healthier meals.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Opt for models with removable, non-stick, dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning.

Brand Reputation and Reviews

Research brands and read customer reviews to gauge the reliability and performance of the air fryer.

Explore the Different Types

Basket-Style Air Fryers

These typically have a basket design for food placement with models offering various capacity options. These are ideal for traditional air frying with quick and even cooking and suitable for smaller kitchens due to their compact design. Even though they are more compact, some of the larger models will roast a chicken and veg at the same time.

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Key Advantages

Quick cooking times.

Compact and space-efficient.


Smaller cooking capacity for larger crowds.

Bench Oven-Style Air Fryers

These resemble traditional bench ovens with shelves for multi-level cooking. They have a larger cooking capacity compared to the basket style and so are ideal for larger families. They offer versatility and so are suitable for baking, roasting, and dehydrating in addition to air frying. Some models even function as a pizza oven.

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Key Advantages

Multifunctional capabilities and larger cooking capacity.


Requires more counter space.

Oven with Built-In Air Fryer

For those who would like the health benefits of an air fryer but don’t want yet another big gadget adding to their already extensive range of kitchen appliances and cluttering their kitchen counter, ovens with built-in air fryers offer a great compromise. The way it works is very similar, an air fryer oven has a built-in air frying feature that optimises temperature and air circulation for the task. Fans (convection) circulate hot air very quickly around the surface of the food, to get it golden and crispy

But remember benchtop air fryers are small and can heat quickly. Full-size ovens take longer to heat up and may require more time to crisp up foods than small air fryers. But their large size means you can cook a lot of food at once.

Key Advantages

No additional air fryer appliance is required and the large capacity makes it ideal when cooking for a bigger family. Some also offer air fryer trays and accessories to ensure a crisp, even cook.


Less speedy than a benchtop air fryer, and the time it takes to heat and crisp the foods means it may be less energy efficient.

Finding Your Perfect Air Fryer Fit

In conclusion, choosing the right air fryer involves considering your cooking needs, kitchen space, and desired features. Whether you opt for a basket-style, bench-top oven-style, or a built-in feature of a regular oven model, each type has its unique features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. Choose carefully and you’ll soon be producing crispy, culinary masterpieces.