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An essential part of the modern kitchen, microwave ovens have become key to the way we live. At 100% we stock a wide range of microwave ovens to suit every situation. If space is at a premium, or you want an extra oven, we offer built-in combination microwave ovens. We also have a great selection of standalone microwaves ranging from 25 litre to 44 litre capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between an inverter and convection microwave?


The main difference between inverter and convection microwaves ovens is in the power levels and the way they heat your food.

Traditional microwaves when reheating food at say 50% power, go through cycles of heating at 100% and then follow with a period of no power to achieve the 50%.

A convection microwave combines this technology with fans to circulate the hot air, giving you faster cooking and the facility to create baked goods. An inverter microwave on the other hand has a consistent power output without the need to power down to achieve temperature control. This results in better humidity levels where food is evenly heated or cooked, without drying out.

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