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Watch the best TV you’ve ever seen

You’re spoilt for choice with the range of TVs from Panasonic, from OLED, 4K LED, FHD and LED. Whether you are into the ultimate cinema experience, love gaming, or just want the best viewer experience with all the latest technology, Panasonic TVs offer a range of options and sizes. See it all, Feel it all.

Improve your sonic experience at every level

Discover the gold standard in true wireless bluetooth earbuds, taking music, content and phone call clarity to a whole new level. Or transport yourself to centre stage or music festival with Panasonic wireless headphones, delivering a thumping bass line you can feel.

Your indoor environment, just the way you like it.

Panasonic's range of air conditioning and ventilation solutions keep homes well-ventilated, cool and warm while reducing energy usage. Our nanoe™ technology also inhibit germs and pollutants to create a better quality of air in the living environment. With a large array of flexible and innovative products, we can provide a solution for every home, whether you are looking for single-room, multi-room or whole house air conditioning.

Fresh meets smart

Panasonic’s range of refrigerators offer smart technology and innovative features in a classic, but on-trend, sleek design. Our range offers a variety of sizes to suit any kitchen while our clever ECONAVI technology monitor power consumption and adjust cooling based on your usage.

Hard working and loaded with innovation

Our laundry appliances are packed with smarter, cleaner and more efficient solutions to help do laundry better. Take our Blue Ag+ technology for example. It eliminates 99.99%*¹ of bacteria and offers a powerful antibacterial effect via UV light and Ag ions in a regular wash cycle. Extra cleaning for your clothes and extra protection for the ones you love.

Plus our 3Di Inverter optimizes consumption by detecting laundry washing conditions. Smartly minimizing wastage – less water and less energy.

*1 Certified by Japan Food Research Laboratories (Test report:19085536001-0201)

Explore Panasonic at 100%

Explore the range of Panasonic appliances available through the 100% website, and at our locally owned 100% stores.