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Loved by New Zealand households and businesses for almost a century, Panasonic’s diverse range of products, systems, and services are designed to benefit the lives of New Zealanders.

Even though Panasonic’s operations are global, our mission is to gain a clear understanding of the local lifestyle, culture, and market in each location around the world in order to contribute to the happiness of the people in that location.

With core offerings of consumer electronics and business solutions, we are dedicated to improving the way Kiwis live their lives. Staying true to the company's brand promise of creating “A Better Life, A Better World”, we are always seeking ways to improve according to peopleʼs tastes, needs, and the changing times.


Panasonic believes in treading lightly on this earth, and in New Zealand, we are committed to conduct all our operations with minimal impact on the environment.

We have partnered with Solar Zero and Jennian Homes to deliver revolutionary new eco-friendly power solutions to Kiwi households, encouraging people to generate their own clean power and lower their energy costs.

We will continue to look at improving our environmental performance in the products we develop and how we conduct our business, and are always striving to find new ways to do even better.

Making lives better

We create appropriate solutions for modern living by anticipating people’s behaviours. As the world undergoes drastic changes and values diversify, we will develop our products accordingly so that they are always meaningful and useful.

Making lives happier

Having clean, dry air and homes at the perfect temperature are key aspects to wellbeing. Panasonic dehumidifiers are designed for different sized rooms and spaces and offer auto modes as well as continuous drainage options. Panasonic’s air conditioning and heat pump solutions work hand-in-hand to achieve eco-friendly, cooling or heating comfort. This powerful combo optimises energy usage for year-round savings.

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Explore the range of Panasonic appliances available through the 100% website, and at our locally owned 100% stores.

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