We’ve got your back

We’ve got your back

We’ve got your back. We’re always checking price. Talk to us.

We realise prices in the marketplace change often so we’re always checking, ensuring that we are competitive.

We're here to make sure you are looked after as there is more to a product than just the price. Our customers tell us that they forget to factor in things such as delivery, installing to existing plumbing, setting up your TV, removing packaging and/or disposing of your old appliance or bed in an environmentally friendly way.

Ultimately, we want to offer our customers a fair deal, so they get the best out of their purchase from 100%. So anytime you’re in store and have a price query on any of our products, please speak to one of our team members.

When shopping online it is hard to navigate all the added value components that need to be considered while trying to match market prices, but if you feel that there is a product that you would like more information about, or to check what we can do when you see an alternate offer, please call your nearest 100% store. As you probably know, each of our stores is locally owned and operated, so they are best placed to answer your queries.

Alternately, you could lodge your query here, or call 0800 10 70 90.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Price check queries must be made at the time of sale, the purchase must take place within the promotional period advertised by the competitor and must still be available at that price from the competitor.

  2. Our team will be happy to verify your query and work with you to ensure the entire deal is being factored in to the final offer.

  3. Product must be the exact same make, model and colour, including being a brand new product and must be available from the competitor’s store at the time of the price check request.

  4. Price check queries will generally not apply to:

    1. any product(s) redeemed in 100% stores in (or in partial) satisfaction of an insurance claim or third-party redemption scheme.

    2. any Finance products offered by the business – as a form of payment.

    3. any Services products or services offered by the business.

  5. Price check queries only apply to regular, in-stock product offered for sale and available from a New Zealand dealer. This may exclude limited quantities, clearance, localised events with special event pricing (such as from a trade show), trade quotes, stock liquidations/liquidators, commercial quantities and parallel imported products.

  6. 100% stores reserve the right to verify the evidence of the identical product sold at a lower price.