Remove damp and condensation with a dehumidifier from 100%.

Choose from our range of quality dehumidifiers, designed to keep your home dry and free of condensation. Whether you need to cover a large or small area, we have the perfect model for you, ranging from 16 to 33 litre capacity. Some dehumidifier models provide a continuous drainage option along with the self-contained water tank and many offer air purification as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a dehumidifier necessary if my home is insulated?


With the new rules in New Zealand around home insulation, dehumidifiers may seem unnecessary. However many people find that even if they are ventilating and heating their home properly, it is still damp from time to time. This could be weather related or as a result of location. Condensation on windows, and mildew on items such as leather shoes and bags is common in many homes. Dehumidifiers work best with doors and windows shut but be aware they can heat a room and have filters which need to be cleaned regularly.

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