Shavers Women

Be summer ready with the range of women’s shavers from 100%.

Choose from our range of women’s hair removal appliances and save expensive trips to the beauty salon. We stock a wide range of electric wet and dry shavers designed especially for women, as well as body and bikini kits and a selection of epilators for face and body hair removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an epilator and shaver?


An epilator is basically a rotating head with mechanical tweezers that open and shut and pluck the hair out, removing it from its follicle, whereas a shaver (electric) cuts the hair off very close to the skin.

The difference is in comfort and appearance. The epilator requires the hairs to be at least 6mm in length so the tweezers have something to hold onto and the process although quick, is uncomfortable. However the effects will last longer as the hair will take some time to grow back.

With a shaver, the process is painless and the immediate results are great but stubble will become apparent quite quickly. So it’s a toss-up between discomfort with longer intervals between hair removal using an epilator and no discomfort but much more frequent shaving with a shaver.

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