A great choice of LED TVs at 100%.

HD LED TVs (High Definition Light–Emitting Diode) offer consumers a number of benefits which include a great viewing experience at very affordable prices. These TVs also come in smaller size screens which make them ideal for small spaces or households where more than one television is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of an LED TV?


With so many acronyms around, buyers can become very confused especially as regards LCD and LED TVs. All LED TVs are LCD – as the LCD refers to the Liquid Crystal Display (the screen) and LED refers to the type of backlights used to illuminate the screen.

An LED TV is an affordable option which can provide excellent viewing experiences as well as SMART TV capability. They offer better contrast ratios and viewing angles than those LCD TVs which use more traditional back-lighting methods. They also offer smaller sizes than their OLED and QLED counterparts which may be more suitable for some buyers.

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