TV Wall Mounts & Stands

Place your TV at the perfect angle with a TV wall mount or TV bracket from 100%.

Now you've bought your beautiful new TV, the question is how and where to position it. 100% makes it easy as we stock stylish floor-mounted tripod-style stands as well as a selection of wall brackets and mounts suitable for most sizes of TVs, that can swivel, cantilever or tilt, depending on your viewing needs.

And by using a mount or bracket, you can easily access and maximize your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do wall mounts fit all TV sizes?


Most wall mounts are adjustable and are designed to fit a range of flat-screen televisions. They can provide mounting for TVs sized from 32” up to ones as large as 90”.

It’s always a good idea to check the weight capacity as a tv mount can vary quite significantly depending on the type of TVs the wall mounts are designed for. For example, an OLED TV generally weighs less than other TVs, so consider your television type as well as size when making your selection of mounts and TV brackets.

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