Can you get a built-under dishwasher to match seamless kitchen design?

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If you’re in the process of upgrading your kitchen and want a sleek minimal look, you’ll know how hard it is to find the perfect dishwasher that will seamlessly integrate into your kitchen. The good news is that Fisher & Paykel have a new built-under dishwasher that not only offers a minimal design aesthetic, it also is easy to install, making it possible to achieve the sleek, integrated kitchen of your dreams.

Effortless Installation, Seamless Design

This dishwasher is designed to fit perfectly flush under your benchtop. It eliminates gaps, creating a unified and clean appearance, while the recessed handle adds a modern touch to your kitchen look and feel.

Quick and Easy Drying

Tired of waiting for dishes to dry? With the Auto Door Open Dry function, this dishwasher takes care of that for you. At the end of each cycle, the door automatically opens to release excess steam, ensuring your dishes are perfectly dry and ready to use. Plus, the innovative air curtain protects your cabinetry by channelling steam away from your benchtop.

Spotless Dishes Every Time

Getting spotless dishes is simple with this dishwasher. It offers seven wash programs, including an Auto setting that adjusts the cycle for optimal cleaning. The three-stage filtration system guarantees a superior clean, and the rinse aid indicator ensures you never run out, keeping your dishes and glasses sparkling.

Flexible Wash Options

No family needs are the same and sometimes you need to wash a smaller load quickly. The Half Load modifier is perfect for those moments. For extra peace of mind, the Sanitise option kills 99.9% of bacteria in the final rinse (certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 184.) And who doesn’t get irritated with plastic bowls and lids that never dry properly? With the Dry+ modifier, even your plastic dishes will be perfectly dry.

Product Highlights

• Seamless Integration: Fits flush under your benchtop, enhancing your kitchen’s sleek look.

• Optimised Space: Maximises your kitchen space without compromising performance.

• Effortless Clean: Enjoy spotless dishes with minimal effort.

• Innovative Technology: Experience the latest in dishwasher technology with superior design and performance.

• Eco-conscious Efficiency: 4-star energy rating and 5-star water rating for optimal water and energy consumption.

• Flexible Loading: Adjustable racks and a height-adjustable upper basket can accommodate up to 15 place settings.

From easy installation to eco-conscious efficiency and flexible loading, every feature of this dishwasher is designed with your convenience in mind. Enjoy spotless, perfectly dry and ready-to-use dishes with minimal effort and embrace the innovation and superior performance that Fisher & Paykel brings to your home.

Creating a seamless kitchen has never been so simple. Upgrade today and enjoy the performance and design elegance of the Fisher & Paykel DW60UN2X2 built-under dishwasher!