Heat Pump Dryer Innovations

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Are all heat pump dryers the same? Why should I choose one brand over another?

Let’s face it, laundry is a chore – particularly getting your clothes dry. This is even more pertinent in winter where the use of clothes dryers is a necessity. Speaking of dryers - who hasn’t dried clothes to a crisp that required an industrial-grade steam press to remove the creases? Or turned their favourite slouchy t-shirt into a very snug crop-top?

The good news is that not all heat pump dryers are created equal, and there have been some significant strides made in heat pump dryer technology by our very own Fisher & Paykel. These recent advances offer unparalleled efficiency  (costs less to run) and the ultimate in fabric care.

How do heat pump dryers work?

Using a highly efficient heat exchange system, heat pump dryers operate at a lower temperature to conserve energy while offering the best care for all fabric types.  Unlike traditional dryers, heat pump dryers recycle the warm air. This  allows for lower drying temperatures and, generally, significant energy savings, as well as minimising wear and tear on your clothes.

What makes this Fisher & Paykel heat pump dryer even better?

The Fisher & Paykel 9kg Heat Pump Dryer with Steam Care showcases the latest in heat pump technology. This model features:

Exceptional Energy Efficiency: 10-Star Rating

This model leads the market in energy savings, with its 10-star energy rating. This is not only a more sustainable option but is also a great choice for those who need to use a clothes dryer and are mindful of their power bills. Unlike conventional dryers that expel hot air, heat pump dryers use a closed-loop system to recycle air. This system extracts moisture from clothes by circulating the same warm air, drastically reducing energy consumption – enabling the dryer to dry your clothes more efficiently while reducing wear and tear on fabrics and extending their longevity.

Steam Care

Use your heat pump dryer as a ‘refresh’ option. The Steam Care cycles in this model can removes odours and wrinkles without detergent, perfect for refreshing clothes quickly. This feature is perfect for refreshing lightly worn clothes or garments that have been in storage and may smell bit musty.

TangleProtect Technology

This technology ensures even drying and reduces tangling, maintaining garment quality. Whilst this feature is brilliant for sheets and duvets, it also keeps your garments in better shape and reduces the need for ironing.

Versatile Drying Cycles

This dryer offers a huge range of specialised cycles - 23 in fact! These cycles are designed to care for a variety of garment types and drying needs. You can choose from Hygiene for sanitising (higher temperature steam cycle that can kill bacteria and allergens, providing an extra layer of cleanliness), Activewear for sports gear – allowing you to dry those bike shorts and leggings without shrinking or damaging the fabric, and a range of gentle options for Wool and Silk. Whichever you choose - each cycle is designed to provide optimal care for your favourite things.

Customisable Options

Want to get something dry in a hurry?  This heat pump dryer has a Speed mode for quick drying. This is done through a variable speed compressor which also provides you with an Eco Mode if you’re not in a hurry. In Eco Mode, the compressor lowers the speed and reduces your energy consumption even more. 

Plus if your laundry is part of your open plan kitchen or your dryer is near a bedroom and you don’t  want noise, just select Quiet mode for silent operation – how good is that?

To sum up..

The Fisher & Paykel 9kg Heat Pump Dryer is the embodiment of advanced technology, with exceptional energy efficiency and enhanced fabric care. The addition of steam care cycles, a 10-star energy rating and variable speed compressor make these dryers not only a cost-effective smart choice for your home but also a responsible choice for the planet.

Perfect Pairs

If you’re looking for a heat pump dryer, why not consider upgrading your washing machine as well. Pairing a Front Loader with a Heat Pump Dryer will bring new levels of fabric care and convenience to your daily laundry – and it’s never been easier to do this as right now you could receive up to $500 CASHBACK when you purchase any qualifying dryer and washer pair from Fisher & Paykel.